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The Sixth Edition Forms & Templates for the Virtual BusinessTM, a component of Elite Small Business Startup Essentials SeriesTM,  is designed specifically for your startup Virtual Assistant Service Business, will give your business a boost without having to spend all the time and/or research finding the forms you need to start business today!

What's included? A LOT! With a LOT more coming! 
The most comprehensive group of documents available for the price ANYWHERE for your Virtual Business Startup.

Having been in business SUCCESSFULLY for over 30 years, I firmly believe in being organized and SMART about the way I do business. I have many tried and true methods that work for me and have been sharing with colleagues and Virtual Business starttups for over 16 years now.  Most templates are in MS Word or MS Excel format, for the widest audience possible. Thousands of virtual assistants worldwide have been using my business forms and templates since 2002 with great success, allowing them to build their business instead of reinventing the wheel!

It's a bundle of the most COMPREHENSIVE AND AMAZING VALUE for your money!



Business Planning Documents

  1. Comprehensive Marketing Analysis and Instructions
  2. Comprehensive Business Plan and Instructions
  3. Income Projection (for biz plan)
  4. Profit & Loss Projection (for biz plan)
  5. Cash Flow Projection (for biz plan)
  6. RATE CALCULATOR! - I have been asked REPEATEDLY to share this. For years it has been in use in my e-courses ONLY. NOW INCLUDED AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!


  1. Client Expense Sheet
  2. Client Time Tracker
  3. Invoice
  4. Travel Expense Worksheet]


  1. 2016 (2017 coming soon!)  Calendar (GREAT for client relations - personalize it for the holidays each year,giving each client their own calendar with due dates for various projects and/or tasks). Clients LOVE the personalization.
  2. 2016 (2017 coming soon!) Calendar - 1 page

Client Relations

  1. Customer Referral Coupon
  2. Newsletter Template (MS Word) with instructions.

Credit & Collections

  1. Business Credit Application
  2. Collection Letter - Basic
  3. Collection Letter - Detailed
  4. Credit Card Authorization Form


  1. Guest Book Cover
  2. Guest Book Pages


  1. New Business Announcement Sample Letter
  2. Quotation Letter (to accompany quotation)
  3. Terms of Contract Letter (to accompany contract)
  4. Contract Termination Letter

Letterhead & Coordinates

  1. Letterhead (2)
  2. Fax (2)
  3. Envelopes
  4. Business Card (coming - updating)


  1. Advertisement
  2. Advertising Flyer & Insrtructions
  3. Brochure (tri-fold) - Green (more colors to come)
  4. Business card template & instructions
  5. Discount cards
  6. Gift Certificate
  7. Postcard
  8. Press Release
  9. Social Profiles and Submission Schedule

New Client / Contracts & Agreements

  1. New Client Intake Form
  2. New Client Checklist
  3. Confidentiality Agreement
  4. Terms of Service Letter
  5. Independent Contractor Agreement
  6. Retainer Agreement


  1. To Do List with calendar
  2. Daily Planner - 30 minute increments
  3. Daily Planner - 15 minute increments
  4. Telephone Log - Simple
  5. Telephone Log - Detailed
  6. Hardware / Software Tracking
  7. Business Membership Tracking
  8. Quick Client Reference Sheet
  9. Supplier Reference Sheet



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by Nora Rubinoff

Being invited to speak about your business or a project you are involved with is exciting as well as an honor. However, the thought of getting up in front of a group can be a scary prospect.

Most people have some level of anxiety before public speaking, particularly in large groups. With a little organization and preparation, you can have a successful public speaking experience. Consider the following 12 points as you prepare for your next speaking or teaching engagement:


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What Is A Virtual Business?

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Kim Garst - 12 DIY Social Media Power Tips Webinar

Fabulous FREE seminar by Kim Garst. Kim has a lot to offer and is on a mission to help others make a difference in their business. This is one of many ways she tries to help with her easy-to-learn Social Media tips.  Enjoy! And don't forget to join her email list - GREAT information and opportunities to grow your business!