Susan M. Totman, Small Business Consultant
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Hi there. I began working as a "VA" in 1987, well before the term "virtual assistant" was coined, with a fledgling part-time business to help support my family. It was called Elite Secretarial & Bookkeeping Services. I worked for attorneys and physicians, doing secretarial work, transcription, light bookkeeping and correspondence. After my children were older, I opted to to "back to work" outside the home in addition to running my business part-time, so worked for many years in the administrative field as a legal office manager in addition to continuing to work from home for various clients. 

In 1999, after a year of planning and organizing, stocking up software, hardware and establishing my first clients, and building my very first website, I decided that I would take my business full time again and renamed the business Elite Office Support. My business has flourished over the years, and Elite Web Studio, a full-service web design & development business specializing in Wordpress and Joomla! content management solutions, has evolved as well from Elite Office Support.

When I chose to take Elite Web Studio and web development to a full-time venture in 2002, I slowly phased out Elite Office Support.com as a primary business website since I had plenty of work via my other sites, so forwarded this URL to Elite Web Studio, since I was getting so many hits on Elite Office Support's site I hated to waste them. The idea of a VA portal was born when I was trying to decide what to do with the domain. I still work with clients on a regular basis helping to support their businesses around the world. 

I have devoted thousands of hours in my tenure as a Virtual Professional working to bring about recognition and find ways to promote the industry as well as countless hours mentoring and assisting other virtual business owners as they began their own journey into entrepreneurship. This website continues to afford opportunities to promote virtual businesses and help boost business for all as well.

This is a community for virtual business owners who have committed to start their businesses, working together for success. In order to join, you must have made the commitment to start an actual business, though there are tools, resources and chats available to those considering a virtual career who have not yet made the leap.

Please check back regularly for new features and options. TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE of the services offered FREE to you.

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Best regards and welcome!

Susan M. Totman, MVA