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The information you submit to Elite Office Support is submitted with the understanding that it will be used specifically for a PUBLIC listing service. It is agreed and understood that all listing information submitted WILL BE PUBLIC, and therefore available for anyone in the world to see and possibly copy information from. It is agreed that Elite Office Support and Susan M. Totman, therefore, cannot be held responsible or liable for any information obtained from that public forum or how that information is utilized by anyone else.

When you agree to the Terms of Listing (you agree prior to submission), you also agree to the Privacy Terms and that you will hold Elite Office Support and Susan M. Totman harmless for any errors or omissions or results thereof. If there are errors and omissions, it is due to a typo in the submission form when you originally submitted your listing. I do not take the time to correct listings - I simply don't have the time, so please ENSURE that your listing is correct BEFORE you hit the submit button. Corrections will be made as quickly as possible after they are submitted, but I cannot guarantee any specific time frame and new listing submissions come before corrections.