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My Premise:

Keep It Simple, Susan

Since we work virtually, it's not always easy to think of affordable ways to let our clients know how much we appreciate the fact that they chose us. Some choose to buy and ship online, which is fine, but many small businesses, especially startups that are just getting by don't have a budget that accommodates buying a gift for each client. What to do?

What is important to remember is, whether or not you buy or make something, that the gift you choose is something that is useful to the CLIENT, not something that will necessarily benefit YOU. You are making an effort to show that you appreciate they utilize your business, so the focus is on them.

Some of your decision relies on knowing what they do for business, and what would be helpful to them in some way or just really cool to them. Regardless of what you send - even if just a hand written card or an email wishing them well - every client enjoys being appreciated. :-)

A few ideas that are EASY and INEXPENSIVE to produce:

A Few Ideas That Are FREE & Easy To Produce


Create a printable calendar that is branded for your client or has useful information for that client.  This is something they can not only print out and use themselves, but perhaps send out to their own clients. Alternatively, you can make mini ones for the fridge with magnets you can get from Staples or other office supply store inexpensively.


Give a Gift Certificate for a discount on the services you provide to them. Create a coupon, turn it into a PDF, email them a copy and apply it to their next invoice. You can use this FREE MS Word Template to make your own to print or email.


Make a couple of cool little notebooks to make that cost almost nothing. Send a little packet of 2 or 3 tied with some jute inside a handwritten note thanking them for their business. Our clients LOVE these, saying they are the perfect size to keep in the car console or purse.

Visit kaleyann.com for a quick and easy tutorial and make some quick and easy notepads (folded ones) to share with your clients.They are super cute!

The ones on the left are tiny notepads, about the same size finished - 2.5 x 3.5. Both are perfect size for purse, car console or pocket. We print them up for handing out at our holiday parties and almost never have any left. Click HERE for easy instructions.


Take the time to put together a small series of social promotions as a free holiday bonus to your clients. Keep it simple, straightforward, specify exactly what you will do and then do it.

Ask them if they have a particular special they want promoted and put it out there. They will appreciate the time you took to do something special designed just for them and their company.



Written a book? An e-book? Sell any type of product? Web Hosting? Something that is of value to your clients that you can offer:

  • free month of web hosting
  • free copy of your latest e-book
  • sample size of a product you sell
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Wordpress Site SecurityIs your website a Wordpress site? This fall seems to have been a field day for Wordpress hackers. Even with good security, several of my clients' sites were hacked.

What can you do about it? Realistically, you can't stop the bad guys. Hackers are a unique group of people hell bent on destroying the work of others. Sound like I'm frustrated? I am! Sick to death of dealing with people who clearly have no respect for the hard work (and  money) of others.

That said, there is a LOT you can do to protect your site and your SANITY! Let's go over the basics. This is just a brief overview of how you can quickly secure your existing Wordpress site:

Keep your plugins AND Wordpress updated! Despite the many ardent warnings I have given my clients, who don't want to pay me to do regular updates, the vast majority completely ignore what I tell them and that is to UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE!  Updating literally takes minutes per week.