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Info Harbor, LLC

Judi Jones

Getting caught in the net? We can free you.

 Location: Maine, USA

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Judi Jones, of InfoHarbor LLC has been working with websites and all things Internet for many years. She started InfoHarbor in 1998 as a software development company and continues to serve clients worldwide.



Was there a catalyst event that prompted you to start your own business or have you been planning it for a while?

Not really. I was in a partnership and decided to go solo.



What does your virtual business specialize in?

Online marketing and website development.



What sets you apart from others in your area of expertise?

Years of experience as a business person in manufacturing, time management and software development before starting my own business.  In my business, I have served as a project manager for software development projects, created hundreds of websites and helped small businesses prosper online.



Describe a typical day in your business:  

Respond to client requests as promptly as possible. Work on developing or maintaining websites. Plan for upcoming presentations.



What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

Teaching people about online marketing, social media, and website development.



What do you enjoy the least about what you do?

Constant networking. 



What special challenges has being an entrepreneur brought for you? How have you dealt with those challenges?

The biggest challenge is keeping a steady flow of work from good customers that pay their bills.  As an introvert, networking is not my thing, but I have had to learn how to do that. Most of my work is received after the personal connection has been made, whether that be from meeting face to face or from an online lead.

I have also learned to be discerning in taking on customers. Some customers are not a good fit for my skillset and it is good to identify that up front.



What would you do differently, knowing what you know now?

In my business everything is constantly changing. It is a challenge to keep up with it.

Because I do a lot with social media, that means that I stay up with experts in those areas generally through online courses, and following them on social media.

I also highly recommend Success magazine, www.success.com. Great articles on leadership and running a successful business. The magazine includes a DVD with interviews every month from the ‘influencer’ people featured in that month’s magazine. 



What resources would you recommend? (books, ecourses, websites, etc.)

I do not listen to podcasts but I do follow some individuals because they are on top of the changes in the world. These people include Amy Porterfield, an excellent resource for Facebook, Mari Smith, social media expert, Melonie Dodaro for LinkedIn, and Darren Hardy, former publisher of Success magazine and a business mentor.


How can people reach you, Judi?

Phone: 207-839-7795

Website: www.infoharbor.biz