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*Terms are subject to change without notice. It is recommended that you return back periodically to review any changes or updates that may have occurred.



Business Listing Terms

  1. All information submitted is true and complete. (General information will be checked.) General contact information will be published, including phone, address, etc. Town, province, country and website are MANDATORY. A Facebook or LinkedIn BUSINESS page (not personal profile) are acceptable as a website if you have not yet put up a website.
  2. DO NOT submit more than one listing.  Duplicate listings may cause your membership to be revoked IMMEDIATELY and WITHOUT NOTICE. If you own more than one business, contact us and we will review for an exception to this policy.
  3. It is understood that you MUST list a contact person (full name) in your listing and that all information will be checked before listing. ALL listings are approved before publishing. No general listings of company only will be listed. No organizations - this service is for Virtual Business Owners, not membership organizations or bulk listings. Organizations can go here to get an organization Membership to add calendar items, advertise and more.
  4. All RFP information is privileged and may not be forwarded or duplicated for any purpose whatsoever without the express written permission of Elite Office Support and the person submitting the RFP.
  5. Elite Office Support is not in any way responsible for the outcome of any relationship formed as a result of submitting your information to this site. All responsibility lies with the VA and the person submitting the RFP to ensure that appropriate contracts and agreements are completed to ensure the privacy and protection of both parties. Elite Office Support in no way warrants the credibility or accuracy of statements, listing information and cannot be responsible for any loss of business or income as a result of such.
  6. It is understood that all information submitted will be available for general public view for the purpose of receiving solicitations from potential clients. This is entirely the responsibility of the submitting person. EXCEPTION: I do not publish email addresses publicly - there is a contact form on the business listing that allows people to contact you directly or contact you via your website / social media links.
  7. It is understood that all information submitted will be available for public view by the entire world. Elite Office Support has no control over and bears no responsibility for the manner in which this information may be utilized by others.
  8. Absolutely no sites with or linking to adult content will be allowed.
  9. It is understood that Elite Office Support does not guarantee any results, business or income in return for any listing or advertisement posted on this site, nor does Elite Office Support warrant the continuous functionality of the site and cannot be held liable for any lapses in site functionality or visibility no matter the length of time.
  10. It is understood that in return for this FREE listing, I agree to subscribe to your newsletter (published twice monthly and occasionally special notices)  and, that I will receive information regarding Elite Office Support and opportunities for my business (YOUR COMPANY INFORMATION WILL NOT BE GIVEN TO ANY THIRD PARTIES; HOWEVER, SOMETIMES THIRD PARTIES MAY ADVERTISE IN OUR PUBLICATION) and agree to place a logo with a return link or a text link to this site on my website. Logo can be obtained in the Member's Area. It is clearly understood by me that should I not link back, my basic listing may or may not be removed; however, I lose the ability to edit my listing, participate in the members section and additional benefits of Elite Office Support, those benefits being reserved for full supporters of Elite Office Support through the link back or via purchase of a premium membership.
  11. It is understood that any violation of the above may result in removal from the directory.
  12. It is understood that Elite Office Support may refuse to post any listing for any reason whatsoever, using its own discretion to ensure the integrity and professionalism intended by creating this listing service. Elite Office Support has no obligation to explain the reasons for rejecting any listing and/or removing any listing that it deems appropriate to remove. (Note that we have had to remove only 1 listing in over 13 years of service due to inappropriate content.)

IMPORTANT:  All registrations and purchases require manual approval due to high incidences of spam registrations. New member requests take priority and are generally approved in less than an hour, but could be up to 24 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Support is available during regular business hours (9am - 5pm EST) via email or our contact form. We respond as quickly as possible, usually within 12-24 hours. 



  1. The information you submit to Elite Office Support is submitted with the understanding that it will be used specifically for a PUBLIC listing service. It is agreed and understood that all information submitted WILL BE PUBLIC, and therefore available for anyone in the world to see and possibly copy information from. It is agreed that Elite Office Support and Susan M. Totman, therefore, cannot be held responsible or liable for any information obtained from that public forum or how that information is utilized by anyone else.
  2. When you agree to the Terms of Listing, you also agree to the Privacy Terms and that you will hold Elite Office Support and Susan M. Totman harmless for any errors or omissions or results thereof. If there are errors and omissions, it is due to a typo in the submission form when you originally submitted your listing. I do not take the time to correct listings - I simply don't have the time, so please ENSURE that your listing is correct BEFORE you hit the submit button. Corrections will be made as quickly as possible after they are submitted, but I cannot guarantee any specific time frame and new listing submissions come before corrections.
  3. You agree that your listing information may also be used by Elite Office Support and Susan M. Totman periodically for other related publications such as articles and public relations related to promoting Elite Office Support.



Use of Site

Your continued use of this site and any information contained herein constitutes an agreement between the site user (visitor) and Elite Office Support, aka Susan M. Totman. Elite Office Support and Susan M. Totman make no promises or certifications that the information on this site is accurate or true.

All listing information is submitted by third parties and as such, the submitting party is entirely responsible for certifying that the information submitted is both accurate and true. Elite Office Support nor Susan M. Totman can be held responsible or liable for any errors, omissions, false or inaccurate information that is posted anywhere on this website or the websites of its affiliates.

We do not vouch for any specific virtual business or warrant the results or quality of service you will receive from any virtual business owner. This site is simply a tool to assist businessmen and businesswomen worldwide in locating a service provider to fill their business needs and to provide a central listing where ALL Virtual Business Owners can register without membership fees - the only requirements are to validly be in or getting ready to launch a business working as a virtual business owner.

We do NOT screen virtual business owners - that is up to you, we simply provide basic contact and business information to help you in your search. Elite Office Support nor Susan M. Totman can be held responsible or liable for any site linked to Elite Office Support or its contents.

When you click on any outgoing link from this site, you as the user are ENTIRELY responsible for any results that may occur from the use of that site, including, but not limited to the content of that site. Elite Office Support is a family friendly site and will never KNOWINGLY link to any inappropriate sites, including adult or pornographic websites. If you ever detect that any link goes to such a site, please notify me immediately via our contact page and I will remove it immediately upon verification that it's a bad link.

*Terms are subject to change without notice. It is recommended that you return back periodically to review any changes or updates that may have occurred.